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Homes within reach

About Homes within Reach

This scheme provides help to eligible first time buyers who cannot afford to purchase a suitable home on the open market without assistance, but who can meet the long-term financial commitment of home ownership.  

Members work closely with local authorities and private sector housing developers to offer properties for sale on new-build housing developments.

The properties are for sale on a shared equity basis. Applicants are required to demonstrate that they can afford to purchase such properties and must be able to contribute between 51% - 70% of the purchase price through a mortgage and / or savings.  The remaining percentage equity share will be retained through a second charge (mortgage) on the property by the relevant housing association (member).    

You will need to provide a in-principle mortgage offer and proof of income, capital, savings, etc, to enable us to assess whether you meet the financial requirements of the scheme. 

Rent is not charged on the equity share owned by the member. 

A reservation fee is required in order to reserve a plot (usually in the region of £250).  Applicants will be advised of the amount payable on particular developments at the application form stage. 

Once registered, you will be sent detailed application packs for those developments matching your criteria, as and when they become available.  You will need to complete a separate application form for each development. 

There is also an administration charge of £1100** payable to the relevant housing association. This cost covers the administration of the scheme and the legal and valuation fees incurred by each housing association.

For properties currently being developed, have a look at the 'homes for sale' link on the left-hand menu.

* A first time buyer – consideration may be given, on a case by case basis, to first time buyers ‘in their own right’ (eg those have sold their jointly owned property as a result of divorce)

** The administration charge of £1100 may vary between developments. Any additional costs will be made clear to the buyer before purchase. Any administration charge will be added to the equity share owned by the buyer. All prices listed on the website already include an administration charge

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  Homes within reach is a low cost home ownership scheme that provides assistance to eligible first-time buyers trying to get onto the housing ladder. The scheme is administered by a group of housing associations spread across Wales.