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Homes within reach

Allocation Policy
  1. Applicants must qualify for the waiting list (see the eligibility criteria page) 

  2. Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria will be recorded on the homes within reach database

  3. As new developments are built for ‘Homes within Reach’, each housing association will write to the current waiting list with details of the scheme, including (where relevant): 

location of development
unit size / type
unit values (inc equity share rates)
anticipated completion date. 

  1. Maximum Loan to Value rates of 4 x single and 3.5 x joint will apply in most instances (subject to review)

  2. Offers will be restricted to necessary bedroom plus 1 e.g. an individual can purchase a 2 bed property; a parent with 1 child can purchase a 3 bedroom property etc.

  3. The following priority groups will apply:

Priority 1 –  tenants of a housing association or local authority within the area
                      of the scheme.
Priority 2 –  applicants currently on the waiting list of a housing association or
                       the local authority within the area of the scheme.

Priority 3
–  applicants who are either employed or live in the area.
Priority 4
–  applicants who care for a relative (or other person) within the
                      area of the scheme.

Priority 5
–  applicants who are none of the above but meet the eligibility

  1. A deadline for applications will be established for each scheme

  2. Properties will be allocated to priority 1 applicants 1st (on first come basis); then priority 2 etc, etc.

  3. In the event that all the units cannot be allocated each housing association will reserve the right to market the units through the media to generate further interest.  Applications derived from this process will be prioritised on a first come first served basis.

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  Homes within reach is a low cost home ownership scheme that provides assistance to eligible first-time buyers trying to get onto the housing ladder. The scheme is administered by a group of housing associations spread across Wales.